• Tips and Tricks on How to Deal With Water Damage Emergency

    3 Jun 2014 | Blog | admin

  • Water Damage

    Water damage describes a large number of possible losses caused by water.

    Water damage arises from many different sources such as:

    • Washing machine overflow
    • Dishwasher Leakage
    • Bath tub overflow
    • Clogged Toilet
    • Hot water system breakdown
    • Burst water pipe
    • Roof leak
    • Rainwater flow from outside
    • River flooding
    • etc.

    Urgent steps Homeowner should take in a water damage emergency


    • Safety first – Shut off power to all flooded areas.
    • Turn off water source that is causing the water damage, if possible.
    • Protect Furnishings and valuable pictures, paintings etc.!
    • Open windows (as long as it’s not raining outside).


    • Don’t use household vacuum to remove water.
    • Don’t turn on ceiling fans if ceiling is wet
    • Don’t plug in or turn on any appliances
    • etc.

    it is critical to begin removing water quickly, it’s also a good idea to call professional carpet cleaners in as soon as possible – they can advise you better and should have industrial equipment that can perform a more thorough job and dry your carpet out more thoroughly and more quickly.

    Carpet Cleaning World provides 24 hour Immediate Response Service in all Melbourne suburbs

    Book your Emergency flood & Water damage restoration Melbourne

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    Effective steps that Our Team Follow to deal with water damage

    1. Our Technician will inspect your flooded carpet area with special equipment to check the amount of water or moisture in your carpet.
    2. Water is extracted by using high suction intake extraction machines.
    3. Prevent any brown water stains on carpet by an anti- browning treatment.
    4. Prevent any mould from growing underneath the carpet by Mould treatment.
    5. Prevent growth of germs and bacteria use anti microbial treatment.
    6. Deodorised carpet by unique absorber deoboriser which not only covers the odour but attacks and eliminates the source of the odour.
    7. The carpet is dry/steam clean by our best method.
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