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    Water and Flood damage restoration is the process of repairing and restoring your carpets after they have been heavily flooded by water. At Carpet Cleaning world the technicians are qualified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) in Water Restoration Damage (WRT). Our services are operational with the best technology to dry all flooring and Structures (walls, ceilings, etc.)

    Our team consider in delivering the best potential service and doing it directly away, before the condition becomes any worse.

    Carpet Cleaning World use the most important pieces of flood damage restoration equipment. Blowers allows for the maximum amount of air to be circulated to aid in the drying process. These are placed under the carpet, on top of the carpet, directed towards walls or other areas that are wet to quickly dry your Home and Personal Items. Without the proper air circulation, water damage restoration is nearly impossible. With heat and moisture mixed together it can create Mold and a much more hazardous situation to your health if prolonged. The more air the better-ALWAYS.

    Effective steps of best and cheap carpet cleaning services to deal with water damage

    1. Our Technician will inspect your flooded carpet area with special equipment to check the amount of water or moisture in your carpet.
    2. Water is extracted by using high suction intake extraction machines.
    3. Prevent any brown water stains on carpet by an anti- browning treatment.
    4. Prevent any mould from growing underneath the carpet by Mould treatment.
    5. Prevent growth of germs and bacteria use anti microbial treatment.
    6. Deodorised carpet by unique absorber deoboriser which not only covers the odour but attacks and eliminates the source of the odour.
    7. The carpet is dry/steam clean by our best method.

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